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We get noramally asked in face-to-face meetings: ‘What are you doing?”. As our business model is a bit complex, after sentence two we often hear “Oh, so you are a consultant / consultancy”. Well, that is the very very minor part of our activities! Of course there is some consulting, mainly in the very beginning of a task, but our focus is on hands-on helping companies to execute what we agreed on.

We prefer to call it:

Outsourced, project-based (Corporate) Development in TIMES markets

MediaWireless has successfully planned and executed comprehensive corporate and business development activities for start-ups and growth companies. We act as an outsourced project management team or transaction execution team, allowing management and owners to continue and improve the day-to-day operations of their business, but we work alongside for a certain period of time and execute agreed plans. Typical corporate and business development services could typically include:

  • Strategic planning and market analysis
  • Business plan creation / review and preparation
  • Market-based valuations & Financial modeling in case of M&A or VCs
  • Marketing and Sales execution as a jump-start or for a defined market area (vertical/horizontal) or a new region in the world

We love the advises given here (esp. #14 & #15 – listen!).

Launching. Need advices on business models, sales channels, revenue forecasts, partners, service design, market characteristics or “only” on underlying technologies?
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Expanding. With core team members located in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna we are focused on Germany, but also have a close network in Central Europe / UK & UAE.
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Go International. The IP/Internet/Web/Wireless and partially Media market is global! But at least a physical presence is in most cases a must have.
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We love to bring world-class mobile/web/media services and applications to the B2C (consumer) & B2B market worldwide. Thanks to our Team and further connections we can make it. Contact us.

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