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Harald Mueller is the Head of MediaWireless. He is an Advisor, Strategy & Market Development Manger for Money Making Web & Mobile Products and Services. He has been working in IT/software since 1985, in internet media since 1994 and in mobile since 2001, he works with start-ups and established companies focusing on products, services and communities where he assists these companies with brand building, positioning, identifying market opportunities (customers!) and business models, creating strategic alliances, funding opportunities and competitive intelligence to help these companies commercialize their offerings in a digital global market. Harald is a thoughtful and self-motivated professional with a huge network of contacts and stake holder’s experience across the Internet, Mobile Internet and Media. Well-connected among key players in the digital media distribution and global (mobile) value chain players, he has worked on projects as diverse as R&D, competitive intelligence analysis, digital concept, content and event development, mobile and digital video distribution, building communities, social networks and content integration of wiki’s, blogs, moblogs and PR feed technologies.

Among his former or current assignments you can find:
Philips (Siegen, Germany), DSD (German Savings Bank Corp.) (Stuttgart, Germany), SPI Inc. (San Diego, USA), IntelliVision GmbH & Co KG (Frankfurt, Germany), INeTV (Munich, Germany), (trademark registered by Handelsblatt Publishing Group) (Dusseldorf, Germany), a startup in the mobile video area owened by Nokia Ventures (Blue Run Ventures), Siemens (Smac Partners) and Zouk Ventures – aquired by SliceWireless in April 2006) (Helsinki, Finland and London, UK), myTV networks (Munich, Germany) funded by Gruner + Jahr, Hamburg), by scopas (Frankfurt, Germany),  djd Web-TV/ RatGeberZentrale (Reichenberg near Würzburg, Germany) and finally Harald is a co-founder and board member of MobileMonday Germany, responsible for national chapters (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich), international contacts (up to 100 cities) and International Editor. Since early 2014 he is also a Co-Founder of the new Oplayo GmbH in Bayreuth.

The Team

As a „virtual“ company, MediaWireless itself has no employees (the assigned companies do have!) but an overall great team:

From North to South in Germany and Austria

Axel (Hamburg)
is specialized in online advertising, online gaming and service communities.

Bertram (Berlin)
is specialized in Webvideos, Web-TV, IPTV, UI design and product management.

Christoph (Berlin)
is specialized in Entreprenuership.

Marc (Berlin)
is specialized in online- and Affiliate-Marketing.

Mark (Dusseldorf)
is specialized in go-to-market strategies in the mobile sector.

Konrad (Dusseldorf/Cologne)
is specialized in M&A, business plans and investment management.

Richard (Cologne)
is specialized in writing, Landing Pages and PR.

Barbara (Cologne)
is specialized in website, PR and communications concepts.

Marc (Kronach)
is specialized on SEO, Content Marketing, Project Management and Social Media Marketing.

Markus (Bayreuth)
is specialized on design, website design, programming and Social Media.

Markus (Bayreuth)
is specialized in Sales for media & technology-driven products & services.

Andreas (Stuttgart/Karlsruhe)
is specialized on SEM (AdWords) Marketing.

Daniel (Munich)
is specialized on mobile and Facebook strategies, products and apps.

Harald (Munich)
is specialized on project management, technology driven telco or IP-sectors, business plans and sales as well as general management and networking.

Ritchie (Munich)
is specialized on corporate and channel sales.

Olaf (Vienna)
is specialized in gaming (betting) and online marketing spendings.

Bruno (near Vienna)
is specialized in online media sales.

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